How to get there

Within Mexico City (by car)

As a reference, head towards Camarones roundabout and take Av. Cuitláhuac towards Vallejo. Look for FRAMBUESA street on the right-hand side and turn onto FRAMBUESA street. Continue straight for 3 blocks until you reach the intersection with INVERNADERO street.

Within Mexico City (public transportation)

Head to Line 2, the BLUE line, and go to the NORMAL station of the city’s metro. Outside, you can find a minibus with a sign that says PLAN DE SAN LUIS. Ask the driver to drop you off at INVERNADERO street and walk 1 block to the left. (We are a maximum of 15 minutes away from the metro).

Patients coming from the interior of the country (by car).

You can arrive from different points in the city:

Periférico Norte

Continue until you find the deviation to CALZADA VALLEJO and continue straight until AV. CUITLAHUAC, turn right, continue straight until you find a supermarket on the left side, at that point turn left at the traffic light and continue on PLAN DE SAN LUIS street until you find MALVON street (SPEED BUMP) and turn right, then turn left onto the first street, FRAMBUESA, and continue straight until the next corner to find INVERNADERO street.

Periférico Sur

Continue straight until you find the deviation to AV. PATRIOTISMO and continue straight on that avenue until you reach the junction with CIRCUITO INTERIOR. Continue straight until you find and take the deviation to EJE 2 NORTE EULALIA GUZMAN, turn left, then turn right after passing 9 streets at GUANABANA and continue straight for 4 streets. Finally, turn right onto INVERNADERO street; the next street is FRAMBUESA.


Ask the taxi to take CIRCUITO INTERIOR until you reach EJE 2 NORTE EULALIA GUZMAN and to turn right. Pass 9 streets, and at the next one, turn right onto GUANABANA. Continue straight for 4 streets and turn right onto INVERNADERO street; the next street is FRAMBUESA.

North Bus Terminal (nearest)

We are very close to this terminal, so the most convenient option is to take a safe taxi there and ask the driver to go to FRAMBUESA #192, NUEVA SANTA MARIA neighborhood, AZCAPOTZALCO Borough (as a reference, it’s 3 streets behind the supermarket on Av. Cuitláhuac).


Invernadero Street #226-1, Nueva Santa María Neighborhood, Azcapotzalco Borough, Postal Code 02800, Mexico City, entrance through Frambuesa #192.